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A quick Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival photo diary

by  in Comic News Comment
A quick Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival photo diary

Photo time once again! I had a marvelous time this past Saturday at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and thought I’d share some pictures I snapped of the proceedings during my brief time there. Click on the jump link to see the whole shebang.

For those who don’t know the bulk of the festival — the part that involves selling comics anyway — is held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, in their gymnasium and basement, which gives the show a very off-the cuff, d.i.y., “let’s put on a show” atmosphere.

Here’s a look at the upstairs floor, where D&Q, Koyama, Small Acres and a number of other publishers were located. Last year a couple of publishers were ensconced on that small stage with the blue curtain. I think they missed a bet by not putting someone up there this year.

Here’s another view of the main floor. The show didn’t seem terribly crowded when I first walked in, but it definitely picked up by as the day progressed and it wasn’t long before I was clumsily bumping into people with my canvas bags of comics, as I am wont to do.

Really, I cannot express how great it was to see Tom Spurgeon at the show, especially since he was so seriously ill earlier this year. He’s lost a lot of weight though, and looked healthier than I think I’ve ever seen him. What’s more, he hasn’t lost a bit of his quick wit  and general good humor. Seriously, he looked fantastic; this photo does not really do him justice.

Zack Soto was selling copies of his new and rather spiffy Studygroup Magazine. I’d tell you more but I put down my copy to take this picture and left it at the table. Conclusion: I am a moron.

And here’s Ryan Sands (left) and Johnny Negron, selling copies of their anthologies, the X-rated Thickness and the slightly less X-rated Chameleon. Copies of these were being snapped up fast and I think the latest issue of Chameleon sold out by mid-afternoon. Is it just me or does Negron totally look like a character from his comics?

Here’s a wider view of the basement area. Last year the basement was where the programming was held, but they moved that to another location to make room for more exhibitors this time around.

From left: Frank Santoro, Picturebox publisher (and Comics Journal co-editor) Dan Nadel and Dash Shaw pose with a copy of Kramer’s Ergot 8, another hot item that I believe sold out rather quickly. That’s Gary Panter with the white hair and black shirt way in the background.

And here we see Benjamin Marra, right, with his ladyfriend, Madeleine Bliss, who had her own comic for sale, Scepter Gem, the first chapter of a rather intriguing-looking fantasy epic. Marra, meanwhile was selling copies of the latest issue of Night Business at a fair clip.

Tucker Stone regaled everyone with his sartorial splendor.

This was about as close as I could get to the NoBrow table which was packed with people the entire time (or at least it seemed that way). I really wanted to pick up a copy of Hilda and the Midnight Giant which looked lovely, but my budget wouldn’t allow it, at least for now.

Sarah Glidden acknowledges my presence while Julia Wertz pretends not to notice me. At least I think she was pretending.

Friends have whispered to me about Koch Comics’ warehouse sales and how they were filled with gems and treasures of all kinds. They had a table at the back of the room which allowed me to get a slight taste of their wonders. I picked up an interesting-looking Kitchen Sink anthology comic featuring R.O. Blechman and J.D. King for $1.

Leslie Stein looks a bit sheepish about the latest copy of her ongoing Eye of Majestic Creature, though she swears it’s her best work yet. Are you reading Ms. Stein’s work? Well, you should be.

Sam Henderson ladies and gentlemen!

And what have we here? Why, it’s fellow Robot 6 contributor Matt Seneca, who flew all the way from Los Angeles just to attend this convention. Crazy, man. Regular R6 blogger Sean T. Collins was also in attendance but the one photo I took of him didn’t come out so well (a common occurrence with me — Weegee I’m not).

Ann Koyama refused — steadfastly refused — to have her picture taken, so I nabbed a photo of these canvas bags Koyama Press was selling at the show instead. They had a lot of great looking books at the show, most notably Matthew Forsythe’s Comic Class and Maurice Vellkoop’s The Adventures of Gloria Badcock.

The programming events moved to Union Pool, a bar/concert/hangout space located a few blocks from the church.

Joe “Jog” McCulloch and I checked out Nicole Rudick’s Q&A with the legendary Phoebe Gloeckner, who talked at length about her ongoing project regarding killings down in Juarez, and her attempts to focus on one particular murder and the family it affected. I was fascinated by her difficulty in finding a way to depict this issue and the manner in which she’s gotten to know the victim’s mother and other family members. All in all, it was a great way to close out my time at the Festival.

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