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Hey, True Believer!

Part of a balanced diet -- in addition to those yucky fruits and vegetables -- is a recommended alotment of Iron. So with the health of all Front Facers in mind, The House is delivering a double dose of Iron... Iron Man, that is!

Here's two more cover images that didn't fit into our monthly catalog. Hey, you think you can convince Diamond to give us even more pages for all of our gorgeous works of art?

Cover by Keron Grant & Rob StullFrank Tieri (w)/Keron Grant (p)/Rob Stull (i)

* THE SCOOP: It's the continuation to the classic "Man and the Iron Mask" story as the 100-Page Monster strikes!

* THE STORY: The sentient armor has returned! But what does it mean for Tony Stark -- and what does it have to do with a new religion that's sweeping the nation? Find out in Part 1 of "The Frankenstein Syndrome", the storyline that provides the shocking answer as to how the armor became sentient in the first place! Plus: we're throwing in not one, not two, but three classic issues, chosen with the aid of you, the online fans! First, Tony must face the tragic repercussions of building weapons for the military (from IRON MAN #78, by Bill Mantlo and George Tuska). Then, the Armored Avenger grapples with both Justin Hammer and Force (from IRON MAN #140 - #141, by David Michelinie, John Romita Jr., and Bob Layton)!

* THE FORMAT: You know it and love it -- we've added 3 classic tales to an all-new story... for only a buck and a quarter more! On Sale September 12th $3.50

Cover by Avalon StudiosChris Claremont & Frank Tieri (w)/Michael Ryan (p)/Sean Parsons (i)

* THE SCOOP: Two complete adventures in one Annual!

* THE STORIES: Trapped in a hostile foreign nation and hunted by the authorities, Tony Stark fights for his very survival -- and he doesn't even have his armor! Then, in our second story, Tony faces a final confrontation with his former friend Tyler Stone -- who has an unusual request for our armor-clad hero! All this, and a cool computer-rendered cover by Avalon Studio's Brian Haberlin!

* THE FORMAT: 48-pages, with ads. On Sale August 22nd $2.99

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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