A New "Liberty Meadows" Art Book (And More) Arrive An August

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Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 15 June, 2006 -- This August, Frank Cho and Image Comics are bringing a whole lot of Brandy for their fans. It all kicks off with LIBERTY MEADOWS: COVER GIRL, a 128-page full-color hardcover that will retail for $24.99.

For the first time, every single one of Frank Cho's covers for LIBERTY MEADOWS – from the single issues to the trade paperbacks - and then some – is collected in one deluxe hardcover!

"I'm pretty excited about this book," says Cho. "It's great to have all my Liberty Meadows covers and pin-ups in one fat volume since even I'm missing some of the early issues."

LIBERTY MEADOWS: COVER GIRL features an all-new cover, plus a behind- the-scenes look at the development of some of your favorite images of Brandy and the gang, from rough sketch to full color.

"People will be amazed how much color adds to the art," added Cho. "Brett Evans has been doing amazing color jobs on my covers for years."

Need more Brandy? Fans will be treated to the first-ever LIBERTY MEADOWS t-shirt offered by Image Comics, featuring Brandy in a cheerleaders uniform along with fan-favorites Ralph & Leslie.

Plus, to make sure all the adventures of Brandy and the crew from LIBERTY MEADOWS are readily available, Image Comics is going back to press on LIBERTY MEADOWS, BOOK 3: SUMMER OF LOVE TP. This collection of issues #19-27 features completely re-mastered and uncensored strips, plus extensive sketch and illustration sections.

LIBERTY MEADOWS: COVER GIRL HC (JUN061687) is a 128-page full-color hardcover retailing for $24.99.

LIBERTY MEADOWS, BOOK 3: SUMMER OF LOVE TP (NEW PRINTING, JUN061689) is a 144-page black and white softcover retailing for $14.99

The LIBERTY MEADOWS T-SHIRT is available in five sizes - Small (JUN061699), Medium (JUN061700), Large (JUN061701), XL (JUN061702) and XXL (JUN061703). S-XL $16.99, XXL - $17.99.

All items are available for pre-order now in the current issue of Previews (Vol. XVI, #6)

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