A New (Inanimate) Villain Gets Foreshadowed on "The Walking Dead"

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from "Not Tomorrow Yet," tonight's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast. This article also includes spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the comics.

We're all excited about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's forthcoming appearance as Negan on "The Walking Dead." We've been posting about it for months at this point. And while it's expected that we won't see the barbaric yet charismatic leader of The Saviors until the season finale on April 3, tonight's episode, "Not Tomorrow Yet" provided more insight into what makes him so frightening.

During their covert infiltration of The Saviors' bunker, Glenn (Steven Yeun) pauses in the middle of the mission when something catches his eye: a series of Polaroids stuck to the wall. As he looks closer, it appears that each one depicts a corpse whose brains have been bludgeoned out by a particularly nasty weapon.

Now, we're just speculating here, but it would seem the splattered pink matter is likely the work of Lucille, the pet name for Negan's trusty baseball bat that he keeps wrapped in barbed wire. Sadistic megalomaniac that he is, he's the exactly the type of guy who would make his men keep pictures of his handiwork plastered around their base.

Finally, anyone who's read the comics knows that Glenn being the first one to see the photos has a lot of significance. Although it's entirely possible that his interaction with Negan might get switched out for another main character, it's still a chilling nod to the source material. Stay tuned for our full recap of tonight's episode shortly.

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