A new <i>Creed</i>: Trent Kaniuga returns to comics with <i>Twilight Monk</i>

Remember Trent Kaniuga?

If you were a Wizard reader in the mid- to late-'90s, then you probably recall how hot the magazine was for Kaniuga's self-published series Creed. After working on that series for several years he ended up at Marvel, where he illustrated the underrated Ghost Rider: Hammer Lane. After that he pretty much dropped off the comics map, going to the video-game industry, where he continued drawing and creating on franchises like World of Warcraft and Diablo.

But now he's return to the comics fold with a webcomic called Twilight Monk. The series, which updates every Monday, follows a cursed monk as he sets out from his monastic home in search for a cure to a mysterious disease that's afflicted him. Kaniuga says that this new series has the same sense of wonder as his first comic Creed, but "with a hell of a lot more kung fu!" Visit www.twilightmonk.com to see for yourself.

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