A new addition to Marvel Editorial

Official Press Release

Jeff Youngquist, formerly an editor in Marvel's New Media team, has followed the Rainbow Bridge to the hallowed halls of Marvel Comics editorial! After monitoring The House's ever-growing arsenal of dotComics and Trailers, Jeff completed his quest to work in comic books by accepting a position in Sr. Editor Tom Brevoort's office. As an Assistant Editor, Jeff will work side-by-side with Tom and Assistant Editor Marc Sumerak.

So why does Tom need two amazing assistants? You would too if you oversaw a colossal collection of titles that includes AVENGERS, IRON MAN, THUNDERBOLTS, FANTASTIC FOUR, CAPTAIN MARVEL, DEFENDERS and THOR... not to mention related mini-series and one-shots!

"I want to thank Tom, Joe (Quesada), and everyone else who pulled for me," Youngquist said. "This job is a dream come true. I never imagined when I was managing a small group of weekly newspapers in Connecticut two years ago that I'd wind up working for Marvel Comics!"

"I learned so much during my time in the New Media Department, and met a lot of great people," Youngquist stated. "But I always envisioned myself in the thick of things, working on the comic books themselves. Now, I have my chance to contribute, in my own small way, to the Mighty Marvel Mythos."

"Jeff Youngquist is a fine, upstanding young man," Brevoort added, "And we fully expect to transform him into a slavering, bile-filled member of our editorial team in no time."

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