A Movember to Remember

Upper lip, slick and hip, pointy on the ends! (makin' a new set of friends!) ...

If you aren't familiar with Movember, it's a charity fund-raising event that spans November in which men grow mustaches to raise awareness about men's health and raise funds to fight men's cancer. The event started in Australia in 2003, and eventually migrated to America as well ... and to the offices of Dark Horse Comics.

"I participated last year and have talked a number of my DH co-workers into growing a mustache this year as well," said Jim Gibbons, publicity coordinator for Dark Horse. "We're not an official company team, but there are 7 DH employees mo'ing up." In addition, Jim has also set up a Comics Network page on the Movember site for any comics folks who are participating. So if you're sporting a 'stache this month as a part of the event, head over there and sign up.

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