A Moratorium Request!

I wish to request a moratorium on the following "revelation" - "Most indie comics suck." I do not mind the point, per se, as it is true. But, come on, folks, that point has been made sooo many times that it's just not clever anymore when someone points it out in a "clever" attempt at an attention grab, by saying, "You think I'm saying ___, but really, I'm saying ____," which is to say that "You think I'm saying that I do not like indie comics, but really, I'm saying that there are so many indie comics out there that most of them are bound to suck, just due to Sturgeon's Revelation, '90% of everything is crap.'"

We get it.

No one sees "Most indie books suck" anymore and says, "What?!? That person is insulting indie books!" No, we see it and say, "Oh, that person is going to say that, because there are so many indie books out, that the majority of them are going to suck."

This statement was fairly old when this blog started, and it sure hasn't gotten any fresher since.

So I request a moratorium on it!!

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