A Month of Writing Stars - Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman

Every day this month I'm going to feature a current comic book writing "star," someone who I think is a very good writer.

I'm mostly going to try to keep from the biggest names as much as possible, because, really, do I need to talk more about the awesomeness of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis?

Here is the archive of previously featured writers.

Today we look at an entertaining writing duo!


Life-long pals Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman are an interesting pair because they are in the school of people like Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughan, who have full-time jobs at fairly major other media sources (Bernardin as a senior editor at Entertainment Weekly and Freeman in the world of TV production, currently as a producer on the Gene Simmons reality show on A&E), so they write comics because, like Whedon and Vaughan, they love writing comics and they're finally at the point in their careers when they can afford to do it in their "spare" time.

But unlike Whedon, Vaughan and others of that ilk (Neil Gaiman, for one), they are not really big names in the comic book industry.

But I doubt that will last too long, with the creative works they keep putting out!

Their approach to comics is very similar to a Whedon or a Vaughan, in the sense that they tend to only get involved in writing a comic if the book suits them, and the result is generally comics that are a bit more creative/challenging than just doing a fill-in arc on some Marvel or DC book.

Their debut series, The Highwaymen, was an engaging action-packed series with a series of interesting twists on the generally accepted tropes of action films.

For AIT/Planet Lar, they did the delightfully fun series Monster Attack Network, a sort of take-off on Damage Control, as these are the guys who are sent in to deal with various monster attacks, like Godzilla (in a similar way to how Damage Control is sent in to the deal with the after-effects of superhero battles). Essentially, they are monster first-responders.

I believe Disney optioned it for a film.

Recently, their series for Top Cow's Pilot Season won one of the two spots during the the second Season (where fans vote for which one-shot they want to see turned into an ongoing series).

Genius was an interesting look at a teenage gangbanger who also happens to be a total savant, so she uses her skills against the miliary.

The pair recently went in a slightly different direction for them when they took the licensed comic, Push, but in this instance, they were given a lot of freedom to do whatever kind of story they wanted (and featured a great deal of their own characters, as well).

Check out Marc's blog here to read about some of the other projects they've got in the works!

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