A Month of Writing Stars - John Rozum

Every day this month I'm going to feature a current comic book writing "star," someone who I think is a very good writer.

I'm mostly going to try to keep from the biggest names as much as possible, because, really, do I need to talk more about the awesomeness of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis?

Here is the archive of previously featured writers.

Today we look at a guy who knows a thing or two about monsters (and chasing monsters, too!).


John Rozum first broke into comics while still in college during the late 80s, doing some one-page gag bits for Marvel, particularly What If...?, like this one on What If...Aunt May had claws like Wolverine?

Rozum was friendly with Dwayne McDuffie, so when Milestone was created, Rozum pitched some ideas and had two series.

One was the acclaimed Xombi, about a man who was turned into, well, a zombie of sorts. Denys Cowan did the art and it was a very cool book with an interesting spiritual feel for a book that heavily involved science as well.

I bet a lot of folks recall the super-cool Xombi full page ad that ran in DC book during 1994 (the one about what magic really is).

The other book he created was an interesting look at superheroes and sidekicks called Kobalt. Here, Rozum was able to use his keen sense of humor to good effect, as the book was a bit of a sardonic take on superheroes.

Rozum also had a quick run on Hardware.

Rozum's perhaps most notable project was writing the X-Files comic for a number of years for Topps.

In a nice piece of casting, DC hired Rozum to do Scooby Doo (which he still writes for).

I love the way he writes all-ages comics - he makes sure that he's never talking down to the audience.

His all-ages skill must be popular, as DC has hired (and is currently hiring him) to do a bunch of different all-ages licensed comics...

Perhaps his most notable ORIGINAL work was Midnight, Mass. about a husband and wife who are occult experts.

It's one of those works that SCREAMS "Adapt me! Adapt me!" and I believe attempts to turn it into a TV series have come and gone over the years.

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