A Month of Webcomics - Of What Kind?

All throughout May, I'll spotlight a different webcomic. Like with the month of independent comics and the month of LGBT comics, I figure I will let you webcomic creators out there suggest your comic for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at Adam Szym's Of What Kind?, an ongoing webcomic about a group of anthropologists who try to categorize and make an account of all of the monsters in their world. As you might imagine, this is easier said than done, as seen so far in the two stories we have gotten so far, a short tale and a much longer (currently ongoing) story about time traveling god fish (yes, time traveling god fish).

The initial story in Of What Kind? gives the comic its name.

We meet an anthropologist whose curiosity is stronger than his sense of self-preservation...

Suffice it to say that while the creature might very well be fascinating, it is for reasons other than what our intrepid anthropologist thinks.

I really like the way that Szym tries to make each page stand on its own, and his work can be quite elaborate at times. I dig his overall style - it fits the off-kilter nature of the stories wonderfully.

The current story, The Brood of the Outerfish, is already about 30-odd pages into the tale, a tale that involves time travel and, you know, a giant fish god.

See our resident anthropologist as he encounters the Outerfish...

I like the banter between the "mortal" and the god.

The story eventually takes us to one thousand years in the future...

It's a complex story with compelling characters both in the past and in the "present." It will be fun to see where the story takes us next.

If you want to follow Of What Kind?, here is a link to the two stories up so far (the initial six-pager and the current storyline, which is 38 pages long...and counting!).

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