A Month of Webcomics - Namesake

All throughout May, I'll spotlight a different webcomic. Like with the month of independent comics and the month of LGBT comics, I figure I will let you webcomic creators out there suggest your comic for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at Namesake, by writer Megan Lavey-Heaton and artist Isabelle Melançon. It is the story of a young woman named Emma Crewe who discovers that she has the ability to visit other worlds, worlds that she knows only as works of fiction. Think of it as a bit like stepped through the looking glass. In these worlds, as a "Namesake," Emma SHOULD find herself in a world starring an "Emma," but because of a tragic act of violence, she instead finds herself as the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz. Can she find the world she was "meant" for? Can she make it out of Oz alive? Will she ever return home? These are the intriguing questions that Lavey-Heaton and Melançon challenge their readers with in this engaging series.

Here is the introduction of Emma, her best (only?) friend and her little sister...

Cute stuff, no?

Melançon has a very appealing art style. Her characters really feel alive.

Now on to Emma's journeys in Oz. Here is a sampling from earlier in the tale...

and here's a slightly more recent bit...

Lavey-Heaton has really made Emma a fully realized, well-developed character. You're attached to her right away, but you only get more attached as the story goes on.

The story updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The plot has built up somewhat slowly, but it is really picking up steam in recent weeks. You can really tell that Lavey-Heaton and Melançon have begun to perfect their approach - the quality is evident in the work. The very most recent strips have been some of their strongest work together yet (and that is only a strong sign for future installments!).

You can begin reading the story here.

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