A Month of Webcomics - Crazy Cal Presents

All throughout May, I spotlighted a different webcomic. Like with the month of independent comics and the month of LGBT comics, I had webcomic creators themselves suggest their comics for spotlight during the month. I got a TON of responses. Enough to easily do THREE Month of Webcomics (and heck, I'm sure if I ever did another month, I'd get enough to do three more!). So obviously I couldn't spotlight them all. Here is an archive of the webcomics that I DID do a spotlight on.

We finish the month with Crazy Cal Presents, a very fun comic anthology by Rob Peters, where he writes and draws a series of different strips in all different genres (all "all-ages" stuff, though and with a general humorous approach to all of them). Peters is a very strong cartoonist, and as a result, no matter what the genre is, you get a strongly written and drawn comic book story.

I figure the easiest way to get you to appreciate what Peters is doing here is to just plain ol' SHOW you the examples of the various comics he does.

"Crazy Cal" is the narrator for all of these stories, and in a particularly enjoyable story, Cal himself is forced to get a job other than "narrator of comic strips." When he does so, though, he gets caught up in an evil conspiracy involving "evil coffee" (of course)...

Here's one about a Crocodile Private Eye...

Here's one about a little girl and her pet mongoose...

And finally, here is the current series on the site, about a princess who needs to be rescued, but the only people who can do so are this somewhat incompetent knight and his assistant...

As you can see from these strips, Peters is a very skilled cartoonist. These are really fun strips, and fun for the whole family!

You can see the great array of comics (a lot more than is shown in this piece) right here!

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