A Month of Self-Published Comics: This Is What Concerns Me #1

This month I am posting a review of a different self-published comic book each day for the rest of the month! Here is an archive of the books reviewed so far!

Today I am featuring Susie Cagle's This Is What Concerns Me #1.

Susie Cagle's This is What Concerns Me #1 opens with the great cover above. Isn't that a really striking cover right there?

While the cover might make you think you're in for a book with an emphasis upon art, the book is really more about Cagle's writing, as she details various things that, well, you know, concern her!

Here are a couple...

What I like best about Cagle, though, is that she is far, far, FAR from unwilling to make fun of herself, as well

But mostly, the book serves to give us various insights into how her mind works.

I'd have liked it if the artwork was as tight as that cover, but overall, for $2, you're more than getting your money's worth with this volume as Cagle is a fine, engaging writer. I hear that the mini-comic that follows this one is a lot tighter in the interiors. I'd love to see that one.

Thanks, again, to the great Shawn Hoke for the scan of the cover.

Be sure to check out Cagle's fun blog, also titled This Is What Concerns Me.

If you would like to participate in the month with your self-published comic, there most likely is still time (depending on how fast you mail out comics). Just check out the Review Copies section to see where to mail a review copy of your comic.

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