A Month of Self-Published Comics: Reignbow and Dee-Va #1

This month I am posting a review of a different self-published comic book each day for the rest of the month! Here is an archive of the books reviewed so far!

Today I am featuring Brian Anderson and Celina Hernandez 's Reignbow and Dee-Va #1.

Reignbow and Dee-Va #1 is easily going to be one of the most absurd comics you'll have the chance to read, but in a way, that's okay, because writer Brian Anderson does not seem to be going for much more than a fun, absurdist take on the secret agent genre, through the eyes of a gay agent and his straight female partner/best friend.

A lot of the fun in this comic is seeing just how many stereotypes that they can turn into James Bond-esque weapons.

Like detachable razor-sharp eyelashes...

Or plastic explosive lube...

So yeah, this is the kind of comic where, while fighting vampires, a character will shout, "Pop divas, lend me your strength!"

But when you commit to the joke as much as Anderson does in this book, it honestly does come off as endearing rather than foolish. That's a great recipe for most comedy - it is always best to fully commit to your joke.

As for the visuals of the comic, Celina Hernandez's mange-esque art style is often cute and her character designs are strong, but I don't think the flat approach given to the characters' movements and interactions with other characters was a really good idea, although it certainly does fit with the "light"/"lighthearted" approach of the book.

Check out Hernandez' Deviant Art page, though - her chibi-style comics are excellent.

In any event, if this issue looks like something you'd get a kick out of, check out Brian's page here, where you can read some more preview pages from the book and if you dig them, then that link has links for where to order!

Brian sent me a copy of Reignbow and Dee-Va #1 to review. If you would like to participate in the month with your self-published comic, there most likely is still time (depending on how fast you mail out comics). Just check out the Review Copies section to see where to mail a review copy of your comic.

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