A Month of Good LGBT Comics - Max & Lily

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here's an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a great comic strip that you can read in collected form!

Max & Lily was an occasional online comic strip by Kris Dresen that she collected into one volume (as seen above).

The strips, at the beginning, were twelve-panel stories about a late 20s/early 30s lesbian (Max) and her gay best friend (Lily). The stories were fairly intricate looks at topical issues through the eyes and interactions of two extremely close friends who both happened to be gay.

I believe this is the first one Dresen did...

Dresen's art style is quite good, as the characters all end up endearing through the artwork, even Max. Meanwhile, Dresen's storytelling abilities in the cartoons are rock solid, as well.

Here's a funny story by Dresen about fashion...

The character of Max is such a powerful one that Dresen was able to do some pretty striking strips, like these pair of strips...

Good stuff!

Here, Dresen takes aim at that venerable punching bag for bad comics, Cathy.

After about six years of the strip (updated infrequently, as Dresen had plenty of other freelance assignments for her to stay busy), Dresen changed the format to a wider, three-panel grid that allows Dresen to create the strip a good deal quicker.

Isn't this a fun comic strip?

If you want to purchase the collection (as seen above), check out this link to Dresen's website.

If you want to see other Dresen artwork (as well as a ton of strips), check them out on Dresen's site here.

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