A Month of Good LGBT Comics - Liliane, Bi-Dyke

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here's an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a fun comic by a great artist who was featured in Juicy Mother!

Liliane, Bi-Dyke is a comic by Leanne Franson.

Franson is mostly an illustrator of children's books, and ever since she adopted a baby boy a few years back, her Liliane output has sadly petered out, but I'm certainly pleased for her that she has her baby boy.

She still does a "LGBT family-friendly" kids comic strip called Rosen'Blue and Sassafras that you can find here, but even that hasn't been updated in awhile.

Still, here output on Liliane, Bi-Dyke is still around for everyone to read, and that's great news, as it is a delightfully fun comic book.

Liliane is a wonderful character - she is oftentimes naive about things, but her comics, while having a really light feel to them, often end up dealing with some important topics.

The most recent Liliane, Bi-Dyke book came out a few years back and it is called "Don't Be a Crotte!," which is French for "shit."

There are two previous editions of Liliane collections, but one, I believe, is basically out of print.

You can get the other one, Teaching Through Trauma: How Life Teaches those Hard-to-Learn Lessons directly from Franson's site here (you can also get a bunch of Liliane mini-comics there).

So yeah, Liliane is notable for Franson's cute and very interesting stylistic artwork, as well as the fun approach to serious issues, all with a very relatable and easy to root for star character, Liliane.

Here are a couple of quick stories to give you a feel for Liliane.

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