A Month of Good LGBT Comics - Jayson

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here's an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a comic that inspired its own Off-Broadway musical!!

Jeff Krell's Jayson reminds me a lot of Archie comics (and I am pretty positive that that is no accident).

The stories in the comics are all pretty darn simple, the laughs are more slight smilers rather than outright hilarious routines, and the characters are all basically stereotyped by one or two notable characteristics (over the years, that has been one of the biggest critiques of Krell's comics - that they're too stereotypical, in a bad way, but I never bought that - it's like complaining about Veronica being portrayed as too mean or whatever - it's not like Krell is using his strips to express his political views, which quite a few cartoonists do - if you DO do that with your comics, then yeah, I think you owe an obligation to be fair, but if EVERYone in your strip is a stereotype, a la Archie, then I don't think it's a problem).

And like Archie comics, when done well, this style of comic can be quite entertaining, and Krell's Jayson strips are done well.

The jokes are always executed right on point, and Jayson (and his gal pal, Arena) are just so darn endearing that you quickly get caught up in their misadventures and enjoy the ride.

In a lot of ways, Jayson and Arena are a lot like Will and Grace - at least the good episodes of that show!

Here are some sample strips, including some from Krell's brand new (well, from this year, at least) 25th Anniversary Jayson graphic novel, titled Jayson Goes to Hollywood...

Check out Ignite Entertainment here to buy copies of Krell's Jayson collections, including the new one!

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