A Month of Good LGBT Comics - Jane's World

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here's an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a very fun comic strip!

Paige Braddock's Jane's World is notable in the way that it is just a normal, well-written funny comic strip. The fact that it stars mostly all lesbian characters is just part of the set-up of the strip - it really is not the focus of the strip, anymore than the focus of For Better or For Worse is that they are all Canadian.

Jane, the star of the strip, is a endearing protagonist, and she surrounds herself with a varied group of interesting characters, including her best friend (but is there more there? Think Stoltz/Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful) Dorothy and her straight male roommate Ethan.

Since the strip began in 2001, Jane has had all sorts of wacky hijinx and different romantic relationships.

Currently, she is working as a reporter for a small newspaper.

Rather than belabor the point of how good Jane's World is, check out the current story arc, which involves Jane going undercover as a male busboy at a Hooter's (and a friend's fear of big breasts)....

Funny stuff, no?

Follow Jane's World at comics.com here.

The strips are collected into print form.

Here is a link to Girl's Twirl Publishing, who publish the print form of Jane's World! You can buy Jane's World books there!

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