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All throughout June, I'll spotlight a different web site about comic books.. Like with the month of independent comics, the month of LGBT comics and last month's month of webcomics, I figure I will let you comic book site/blog owners out there suggest your comic book web site (or blog) for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic book site, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at Anj's insightful Supergirl review site, Supergirl Comic Box Commentary. Besides doing extensive reviews for Supergirl and all comics related to Supergirl (Superman, Superboy, Justice League of America, Legion of Super-Heroes plus, by osmosis, R.E.B.E.L.S.), Anj does occasional pieces of commentary and, of course, keeps up with the latest news regarding Supergirl (like the relaunch). Heck, if it has anything to do with Supergirl, Anj will most likely spotlight it eventually.

As I noted above, his reviews are extensive and they're certainly the highlight of the website.

Here's a snippet (and again, let me stress SNIPPET - the review is much longer than this) of his review for Supergirl #62 (chosen pretty much at random by me as an example):

Supergirl #62 came out yesterday and I have to say I thought it was a great comic, probably my favorite of the week ... and this was a busy week for me and included the first 2 chapters of War of the Green Lanterns. That's saying something.

The issue marks the middle chapter of the Nick Spencer inspired James Peaty and Bernard Chang story. As the middle chapter, it does it's job moving the story forward, revealing more about Alex and the threat he represents.

But for me, this story really is the perfect follow-up to Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle's run. The Gates/Igle run was all about personal growth in Kara. The Supergirl at the end of their last issue was very different than the one in Supergirl #34. She had survived some emotional and physical trauma, she had matured as a hero, and she was happy with who she saw in the mirror. Just writing that reminds me how great that run was.

If those stories were introspective, Supergirl looking at herself, this story is more of an outside look at Supergirl's place in the DCU. This story lets us look at how Supergirl is perceived by everyone else. We have already seen in this arc that Supergirl remains her own worst critic, wondering if she has the stuff to be compared to Superman. We know she still feels isolated, eating ice cream alone in shoppe. But we also know that she is strong and resourceful and respected now. And this story shows us that.

In fact, I have enjoyed these issues so much that I wonder what James Peaty would have done with the character long term. I really wish Peaty had done an interview somewhere so I could hear his feelings on the character. I bet he is a fan.

And the art remains wonderful. Bernard Chang has always been very good with battle scenes. But he really is shining in the quieter moments too. He draws such a great Supergirl and Linda Lang. And the cover by Mahmud Asrar really captures the story nicely.

That's an interesting review, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! In fact, I'll show you what a typical review on this site looks like...

Pretty damned extensive for a review of a single issue of Supergirl, right? The use of panels from the comic was handled quite well, also.

And he's been doing this for THREE YEARS now!

So if you have any interest in the characters and titles that he is featuring on his site currently (especially if you are a Supergirl fan), go check out Supergirl comic box commentary.

You can find it here - http://comicboxcommentary.blogspot.com

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