A Month of Comic Book Sites - Good Ok Bad

All throughout June, I'll spotlight a different web site about comic books.. Like with the month of independent comics, the month of LGBT comics and last month's month of webcomics, I figure I will let you comic book site/blog owners out there suggest your comic book web site (or blog) for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic book site, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at Good Ok Bad, a comic book review site by Seth Hahne that tells you whether Hahne felt a comic book was (wait for it) good, Ok or bad!

First off, the idea of having a strict three star review process is an interesting concept (I tend to go with just two prongs - either I recommend it or I don't recommend it, but I can see the appeal of "okay").

Secondly, the design of the site is quite impressive. I thought it was interesting enough that I actually took a screen shot of it to share with you all here (I shrunk the type to make it easier to see the bigger picture of how the layout was designed)...

Isn't that a smart looking website?

Hahne is also slowly putting together study guides for notable graphic novels. Here is one he did for Asterios Polyp.

Finally, in a fairly bold decision, he also has a "current Top 100 favorite comics" list on his site, a list that changes as time goes by. Here is the current list. Interesting stuff.

All together, it is a well designed, well kept up website with interesting reviews (and it has only been up for a few months - when he gets even MORE reviews on it it will be even MORE helpful). If you're interested, check the site out at http://goodokbad.com.

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