A Month of Comic Book Sites - Comic Books and Protein Powder

All throughout June, I'll spotlight a different web site about comic books.. Like with the month of independent comics, the month of LGBT comics and last month's month of webcomics, I figure I will let you comic book site/blog owners out there suggest your comic book web site (or blog) for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic book site, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at one of the more unusual comic book web sites out there, a husband and wife blog where the world of comic books (and general geekery) mixes with the world of fitness. Appropriately enough, then, it is titled Comic Books and Protein Powder!

The site is the home of husban and wife Pete and Kirstin. Pete is, as he puts it " I'm mid-thirties, overweight and usually have a beard or goatee. With the exception of not having a pony tail, pretty much what you expect to find at a comic store. WORST ... STEREOTYPE ... EVER!" while Kirstin is a personal trainer at a gym and has competed in a fitness competition. Here is a picture of the pair from earlier this year...

So the idea behind the blog came about from the following incident (they're talking about themselves in the third person):

One day when Mr. UPS delivered a huge box of comics along with a huge box of protein powder, they realized that this arrangement was pretty amusing. They occasionally dabble in each other's worlds and when they do, they usually have something to say about it.

And that's what the site is all about.

Here is a review by the pair of Skullkickers #7.

Here is their review of Volume 1 of Chew.

Here is Kirstin giving some advice for how to work out at home when you can't/won't go to the gym.

The site only began in May, so they're still figuring out their approach, but so far it is has been a lot of fun.

You can check the site out here.

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