A Month of Art Stars - Gabrielle Bell

Every day this month I'm going to feature a current comic book art "star," someone whose work I absolutely love.

I'm mostly going to try to keep from the biggest names as much as possible, because, really, do I need to talk more about the awesomeness of JH Williams, Frank Quitely and Darwyn Cooke? Here's the archive of the artists mentioned so far!

Here's one of the melancholiest artists around!


What I love most about Gabrielle Bell's work is that she is an autobiographical artist whose work cuts to the core of the story rather than the surface - what i mean is, her style depicts the FEELING of a particular scene, rather than some photo-realistic view of what it seems like.

And like I mention above, her work is quite melancholy.

Hehe...ew, gross.

This is not to say that her work is not detailed, as it is - it's quite detailed, it just does not attempt to make everything look like a pretty picture.

Her storytelling skills are top-notch.

Here are five pages from her comic, Lucky.

Impressive, huh?

Here's a quick bit by Bell...

I wish Bell had a website I could send you folks to!

Someone go create her one this instant!!

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