A massive collection of comics, action figures and ... squirrels!

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today Corey shares his "nerd cave" with us, where he houses his comics, artwork, an ungodly number of action figures and more -- including a shelf that would make Squirrel Girl proud.

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Now let's hear from Corey ...


I have been a collector of comics, action figures, and associated stuff since I was a kid. At the age of 38 now, I finally have a place in my home that I can call my “Nerd Cave.” In the photos below you will see several shelves which hold the entirety of my action figure collection. I have included 3 photos of each shelf so that you can get a better look at the figures themselves. The two main shelves were completed this past year when I repainted some old shelves that were in my house. In order to control the dust which would eventually settle on the shelves, I bought some large sheets of Lexan plastic, some piano hinges, and some magnets to create swinging see-through doors.

My first childhood collection consisted of a large number of Transformers. During college I had to sell off many of these figures to pay some bills, but I managed to keep a few (they can be seen on my current Transformers shelf). Since then, I started collecting McFarlane figures which has recently evolved into collecting DC Comics New 52 figures. I have shelves dedicated to the following categories: Batman, the Muppets, DC New 52, Image comics, McFarlane’s monsters, Green Lantern, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Spawn, Transformers, and McFarlane’s Dragons. I also have various other figures on 2 other shelving units in the room (and yes, there is a shelf dedicated to squirrels – I have a little obsession with them which has evolved into 2 convention sketchbooks in which I have comic artists mash-up squirrels and their favorite hero/villain). I have also included several pictures of some of the comic art I own which hangs on my walls. The only thing that is only hinted at in the pictures is my 40 boxes of comic books which line one wall in my room and occupy the closet.

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures.

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