A look at the cover to Marvel's 'Order #3'

Official Press Release

[Order #3]Hey, True Believer!

The Avengers vs. The Defenders drawn by Carlos Pacheco. Wow, that would besomething to see, wouldn't it?

Well who are we to deny you that pleasure? So just feast your eyes on thecover to THE ORDER #3! On sale April 10th, this 32-page issue delivers thebattle you've been waiting for: The Hulk's henchmen vs. Captain America'screw! At the behest of the nations of the world, Earth's Mightiest Heroeshead to the Antarctic wastes for a showdown with the totalitarian Order! But do even the mighty Avengers have enough power to get the job done? We'll all find out when Kurt Busiek, Jo Duffy, Matt Haley, and Dan Panosian supply us with our ringside seats!

In the meantime: Go, Carlos, Go!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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