A look at "Spider-Man 2: The Game"

Video game manufacturer Activison has provided CBR News with six new screen shots from "Spider-Man 2: The Game." These latest screen shots give you an idea of the style of game play, as you swing through New York City suspended on a web line. Details of the game have been quite guarded, due to the fact the game shares ties directly into the movie and spoils many details about its story. But you can rest assure that the role of Spider-Man is yours as you battle Doc Oc, just as you'll see in the upcoming film. For more on "Spider-Man 2: The Game" as well as "X-Men: Legends," another super hero offering from Activision, click here.

Click the following images to enlarge. Look for more on "Spider-Man 2: The Game" next week here on CBR.

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