A List of Grant Morrison Comics I Didn't Like*

In the spirit of equal time, since we suck up to him a lot here, and I, at least, do not want to be accused of thinking the man shits solid gold here is a list of comics written at least in part by the God of All Comics* that I didn't like so much. Also, maybe I can make Joe made and have him yell at me. That's always fun.

1. Arkham Asylum- A lot of it went over my head. I'll acknowledge that that's at least partially my fault. Still; not a fan, even if it has its interesting moments (and I kind of want to get the new, annotated edition). While I'm being a bit of a philistine, while I find it technically impressive, Dave McKean's artwork does very little for me, so that didn't help. As far as Morrison's takes on Batman go, I'll take the one with a sci-fi closet and a rocket any day of the week over this one, although this did come out when the DKR incarnation of Batman was still relatively fresh and not the kind of thing that people like, well, Morrison himself, are helping to finally kill off today.

2. St. Swithin's Day- While it is early work for both of them, hey, it is Morrison and Paul Grist! How can you go wrong? Well, you can. Sort of. I was more underwhelmed by this than anything else. What's weird is that I loved the other Morrison story I've read in this vein, Kill Your Boyfriend. Maybe Phil Bond's art made the difference. Except it didn't with...

3. Vimanarama- I really need to re-read this, because given all of the elements (Phil Bond art, absurdist comedy, Phil Bond art, a pinch of magical realism, Phil Bond art, mythology, and Phil Bond art), I should have loved this. But it was my least favorite of Morrison's three Vertigo minis from that time period, and the ending left me especially cold. It was one of the few times I found Morrison as obtuse as a lot of people seem to claim he is in a knee jerk manner. Really, this is one of two comics of his where I've ever had that problem, the other being

6. Shining Knight- I will re-read this along with the rest of the Seven Soldiers saga one day. But reading it as it came out, with only bits of the greater story available,  I could not make heads or tails of this. There were parts of the story I remember liking, and Simone Bianchi's art was gee-orgeous, but I was left befuddled by the whole thing, which I can't say of any of the rest of the Seven Soldiers minis (even Mister Miracle read okay as a self contained series, like an Ultimate New Gods pitch Morrison recycled or something).

4-7. Skrull Kill Krew, Swamp Thing, and Aztek- See a pattern there? Yes, these are some of the comics he co-wrote with some other Scotish comic writer who went on to do an Avengers revamp and something about the Civil War. I dislike all of these, but for different reasons! Sort of. I hate the art in both Aztek and Skrull Kill Krew. The former ruined a comic that I otherwise liked, the latter just added to the suckiness in what's probably the worst thing with Morrison's name on it I've ever read. I'm not sure about Harris, but Yeowell is capable of much better than the mess his work was in SKK. Morrison's Swamp Thing arc with Millar was just kind of a mess, from what I remember, as it attempted  a big, honking, Anatomy Lesson-level retcon without any of the skill or elegant simplicity of that classic. It was too... action movie-esque. I've only read Millar's first solo issue afterward, but that was miles better, naking me interested in checking out the rest of his run (which is held in pretty high esteem by a lot of people, especially before he became the Mark Millar that we all know and loved to see lampooned on Fanboy Rampage today). I haven't read everything they've done together, but from this sample, I feel confident in saying that the stuff they do seperately is miles better than the stuff they did together, even more so than you'd expect, really, and allowing for the fact that Millar is really hit or miss (putting it nicely).

*- This is incomplete, as I haven't read all of the Filth, which I was mostly underwhelmed by (although I really cared about Greg Feeley's cat), the Invisibles, which I've read one issue of and need to read all of to call myself a real Morrison fan, Doom Patrol, which I've only read scattered bits of but loved, Flex Mentallo, which I don't want to read until I have the whole thing, and Zenith, which I've never been able to pick up any of. I'm waiting for trades on WildCATS and Authority too. I've pretty much read everything else he's written and loved it. Which looks like an oddly small number of comics, now that I think about it.

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