A-I-C EXTRA: Steve Wacker Answers Your Questions On "Daredevil," "Captain Marvel," "Hawkeye" & More

Regular Friday readers know that, usually, the end of the week means that Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso is "In Charge," bringing his regular AXEL-IN-CHARGE column to round out the day.

But this week with Alonso is off on vacation, it's left room for a Wack Attack! Or is it better to say we'll be doing a little bit of "Wack On, Wack Off"? Oh whatever, let's just say that Senior Editor Steve Wacker is taking over the column and call it WACKER-IN-CHARGE!

And since putting out a call for fans to ask the man behind everything from "Amazing Spider-Man" to "Daredevil" questions, Wacker has been knocking out answers for members of the CBR Boards...so many of them in fact, that we've broken up this week's column into two parts!

Below, check out Wacker's answers to your queries on some of his office's biggest solo titles from "DD" to "Captain Marvel" to "Hawkeye" and beyond! And while he dives in to news of upcoming guest stars, villains and crossovers, Wacker is also showing off exclusive new covers for the March issues of these books. And stay tuned later today for our regular WACKER-IN-CHARGE installment with even more answers and more art!

CBR News: Steve, there were so many fan questions this week that we're in overflow mode! Let's start with some solo title talk from capesNmasks who asks, "You currently edit the more street level books of the Marvel Universe. However, I do know at least one book that you edit that isn't street level: "Captain Marvel". Does Marvel put a limit on what kind of titles you can edit, or if someone just has an idea that isn't overtly X-men or Avengers related its up for grabs?

"For example, if you edit the Cosmic part of the Marvel Universe, would Marvel allow you to edit a Western book?"

Wacker: Genre-wise the lines aren't drawn too specifically. But between lines of books it an get trickier. If someone has a X-related book it would more than likely go to the guy who edits the X-books (I can't remember his name).

The books I oversee are generally kind of a catch-all...Mostly Avengers-related solo books since Tom Brevoort is my boss.

I think lilyinblue had tongue firmly planted in cheek when asking: "I'd like to touch upon an age-old (months!), highly-contentious controversy if you're willing to step into these waters. It's something that seems like it has been portrayed very inconsistently across titles in recent months, leading to much fretting, consternation and occasional hyperventilation amongst ardent fans. So, months down the road now, what's the official word on the status of Carol's hair? How long is it?!"

Wacker: As long as looks cool in a scene my artist is drawing. I've done some research into this as a result of the controversy and did you know that women's hair actually GROWS! (I know, I know...but it's true.)

I've even heard of some cases where women get their hair CUT! I love living in the future!

On the more direct side of Captain Marvel questions, CMBMOOL asks, "Will there be any crossover/meetings between Captain Marvel and the new Superior Spider-Man?"

Wacker: Yes. They will meet.

He follows with, "Also, given that you edit the Scarlet Spider title, what is the chances of Scarlet Spider encountering X-23 in the future?"

Wacker: Hmmm....good question...Am I allowed to talk about Yost's "Clone Wars" story?

Shifting heroes, Fallentaco wonders, "My question is about Daredevil, I was wondering if we would see the character's old rogues come back in the near future. I miss the Owl, Typhoid Mary, Bullseye and the like. I love the what Waid is doing with the book, but I still kinda miss some of the old stuff."

Wacker: No plans in the main Daredevil book at the moment, but hopefully you've been picking up "Daredevil: End of Days" by Bendis, Mack, Janson, Sienkiewicz and Hollingsworth (Phew! I think that's every letter we got!). All of those character figure into the byzantine plot.

Also Fraction was just asking about Typhoid Mary today....shh...

Keeping with DD, LooneyKoala asks, "Are there any plans to do something exciting with Stilt-Man in Daredevil any time soon?"

Wacker: Yes. Next month. Though I join the chorus of thousands stunned to se the words "exciting" and "Stilt-Man" so close together.

Meanwhile, Hollowprince665 wants to know, "I'm really enjoying Daredevil and was wondering...Will Matt ever talk to Natasha, Elektra, Maya, or Dakota again? He came back to the city and we aren't sure if these characters are aware that Matt is back, nor do we know their reactions."

Wacker: We will see them at some point in the main book, but not too soon. Again though, I point you to "End of Days" for many of these characters. And Elektra is currently appearing "Thunderbolts." And she also just might be in a story being drawn by Joe Madureira.

He follows with: "Also is there a possibility of ever seeing Cap in DD's story again? Last time we saw the two Cap wanted to bring Matt in after the Shadowland incident (#2) will we ever see that continuance?"

Wacker: That's not a bad idea. Stealing!

We've also got jarvisjackrabbit asking: "Can you please do all you can to facilitate a marvelous Christmas miracle and encourage Matt Fraction and David Aja to include Danny Rand in a future issue (or issues) of 'Hawkeye'?"

Wacker: We've got a MUCH more unusual appearance planned. More announced in the next week, I think.

But I do want to take a second to thank all the retailers and fans for the support on "Hawkeye." So far every issue that's come out has gone back for a second printing and a couple of going back for a third printing. That's remarkable for a book like this and all of us on the Hawkeye team appreciate the great word-of-mouth from fans and retailers alike.

"Classic" Disney superheroes get some love from Gabe99 who wonders, "Are you going to bring back Condorman? Any thoughts on the Condorman movie reboot?"

Wacker: I think it goes without saying that I take full credit for the Condorman reboot.

I'm looking forward to it and I await a call from Disney about what role I will play. (One note for my director: I refuse to learn lines or show up before 6 PM.)

Finally for this round, Jumpoff! asks, "Any plans for ghost rider at all??! IN anything?"

Wacker: Not my neck of the woods. Sorry.

Stay tuned later today for a special installment of "Wacker-In-Charge" with more from the Editor on the future of "Superior Spider-Man!"

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