A History of Violence, X-Men 3, Julie's Girlfriend, Justice League: September 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Tons of Viggo-powered news today, as we got an email with a ton of groovy links, starting with Cronen-blogging from the film's director David Cronenberg, a big honking boatload of movie clips from the graphic novel adaptation, as well as the trailer (all in three formats, Real, Windows Media and glorious QuickTime). Best of all, a deluge of stills from the film which ... ah heck, aren't pictures worth at least a thousand words?

... and there you have it.


A scooper got on to the Vancouver set of the third mutant movie, and sent a their findings to those Canucks at Hollywood North Report, including descriptions of Kelsey Grammer as the Beast and hints at one of Magnus' young acolytes.



Regular CBR reader Hector Lima sent in this link (you're not having a stroke, it's not in English) about the adaptation of the obscure 1980s horror tale from Juka Galvao, also known as Ota, the former editor of Brazil's MAD Magazine. Hector explained, "The story, in typical EC fashion but with a local twist, is about a group of friends who travel to the mysterious small town of Saraquama, where they meet at a bar the voluptuous Valeska. one of the guys disappears after hitting on the girl, who happens to be the girlfriend of Julie -- the feared leader of a biker gang -- and they find out the bar is actually a funeral home."



There's a new interview with comics and animation visionary Dwayne McDuffie at Comics Foundry, who explained the inner workings of the hit Cartoon Network series.


There's still plenty of Joker-esque rumormongering over at Batman-On-Film, where they said, "Two of BOF's best -- and completely unrelated -- sources have confirmed for us that Australian actor Lachy Hulme (pronounced 'Lock-ee Hewm') and British thesp Paul Bettany are the only actors that BATMAN producers are considering for the role of The Joker -- at the moment. One of these two sources also told us that screen tests will indeed take place this fall, although it was unclear if one or both of these actors are testing ... In addition, one of these same sources told BOF that we were 'dead on' regarding our report that Mr. Nolan will indeed return to 'The Cave' once he completes his next project -- which is said to be 'THE EXEC' for Warner Bros."



There's more Whedon whimsy at About.com, where he guarantees that while Diana may not crack wise, his signature dialogue will make an appearance. "Wonder Woman's perspective is very serious. But that's what's so funny about her. She doesn't understand the word. She's a fish, and this is a phrase that I've just come up with, who is outside of the water because she's so pure and so focused that she comes to a world that is so compromised that she understands nothing about, of course there's going to be humor. And she's also an intelligent woman, but she's not a wisecracker. But at the same time, she's not going to miss an opportunity."


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