A Hell of a Past - Mockingbird

Things are smooth until about two years into the series (which was written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott) they are trapped in the past and are separated. The villainous Phantom Rider uses a drug to brainwash Bobbi into loving him...

Eventually freed of his control, Mockingbird confronts him on a cliffside...

She keeps this a secret from Clint, but eventually the ghost of the Phantom Rider tells Hawkeye (because the Phantom Rider is a total jerk). Clint does not take it well...

Bobbi leaves the West Coast Avengers, only to be pulled back in when she is duped into helping to kidnap the Vision!

She tried to break free once she realized their evil plan, but she was captured. She went to warn the Avengers, but arrived too late. Soon afterwards, Hawkeye left the Avengers and Mockingbird tracked him down. They tried to give it another shot, using the Great Lakes Avengers as their sort of bonding experiment...

It did not work and they split up once again.

Eventually, though, the pair got back together towards the tail-end of the Avengers West Coast run.

Tragically, Bobbi died only issues later...

A few years later, Kurt Busiek and George Perez had her show up as part of a group of dead Avengers. Before they were returned to their final resting place, Mockingbird tried to get a message to Hawkeye...

No one is able to get the message to Hawkeye before he leaves the Avengers for the Thunderbolts. Eventually someone gets into contact with him and he presumes Mockingbird was asking him to save her from Mephisto's realm. He manages to make his way there and the Thunderbolts heroically follow in Thunderbolts Annual 2000 by Fabian Nicieza and Norm Breyfogle. Mephisto has someone in his thrall. The Thunderbolts rescue her, presuming her to be Mockingbird but instead they discover that it is Hellcat!

Mockingbird is still dead then.

Eight years later, though, in Secret Invasion #8 (by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu), it turns out that the Mockingbird who died was a Skrull!!

However, it turns out that the Skrull replaced her BEFORE they reconciled! So she never intended to get back together with Hawkeye!

They still decide to date and they were both members of the New Avengers. Mockingbird remained on the team when Hawkeye went back to the newly-reformed "main" Avengers team.

On the next page, see what has happened to Mockingbird since, including her most recent spotlight story where a pair of writers attempted to tie back into her original appearances!

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