A guide to this year's MoCCA Festival debuts

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival in New York City is always a prime venue for independent publishers and creators to premiere new works.

But I didn't realize just how many choose MoCCA for that purpose until I was putting together this post on books that will make their debut this weekend at the Lexington Avenue Armory (68 Lexington Ave.).

While this list certainly doesn't cover all of the debuts, it does include nearly 50 graphic novels, comic books, minicomics and sketchbooks. Plus, I've tossed in links to a few signing schedules.

It will, I hope, at least provide a starting point for attendees as they head into the armory Saturday morning:

The ACT-I-VATE webcomics collective (table 311) will hold signings by such creators as Mike Cavallaro, Kevin Colden, Molly Crabapple, Jah Furry, Dan Goldman and Tim Hamilton.

AdHouse Books (tables 606-607) will have: Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms, by Mike Dawson; Remake, by Lamar Abrams; and the Johnny Hiro, Vol. 1, by Fred Chao.

Agreeable Comics (table 205) will premiere the first collection of The Rack, the webcomic by Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie.

Blacklist Studios will officially debut Robot 13, by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford.

Buenaventura Press (tables 318-321) will debut The Complete Jack Survives, by Jerry Moriarty, and The Gigantic Robot, by Tom Gauld. MoCCA marks Gauld's first official U.S. signing, and 72-year-old Moriarty's first-ever signing.

Comicbook Artists Guild will premiere the 120-page anthology Iconic.

Drawn and Quarterly (tables 711-714) will hold signings with Gabrielle Bell, Ron Rege, Seth and Adrian Tomine.

Estrigious (table 506) will announce the new webcomic collaboration by Hwan Cho, Becky Cloonan and Melissa DeJesus.

Fanfare / Ponent Mon (table 626) will exhibit at MoCCA for the first time with My Mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill, by Jean Regnaud and Emile Bravo, and Eisner Award nominee The Quest for the Missing Girl, by Jiro Taniguchi. The publisher also hopes to have galleys of A Distant Neighborhood, Vol. 1, by Taniguchi.

Fantagraphics Books will have signings by Lilli Carré, Bob Fingerman, Paul Hornschemeier, Jason, Michael Kupperman, Dash Shaw and others.

Premieres from I Know Joe Kimpel (tables 802-803) will include: Woman King, by Xeric winner Colleen Frakes; Monsters & Girls: Amelia, Part 2, by Denis St. John; Huck & the Indians, by Emily Wieja; You Suck, by Caitlin Povnick; Prune Hands, by Mario van Buren; and Smuttynose 2, by Robert Oxman.

Indie Spinner Rack, with Top Shelf Productions, will release Awesome 2: Awesomer, an anthology featuring work by Chris Duffy, Sarah Glidden, Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, Jeff Lemire, Alex Robinson, J. Chris Campbell, Robert Goodin, Alex Cahill, Chris Schweizer and more, plus a cover by Jeff Smith.

NBM Publishing will have advance copies of the comic-strip compilation Bringing Up Father, by George McManus, plus previews of The Big Kahn, by Neil Kleid and Nicolas Cinquegrani, and Joe and Azat, by Jesse Lonergan.

PictureBox (tables 301, 338-339) will premiere: Multiforce, by Mat Brinkman; Pee Dog 2: The Final Captain's Log, by Ed Nukey Nukes and Jocko Levent Brainiac; Devin and Gary Go Outside Special Edition, by Devin Flynn and Gary Panter; Two Ghost Stories zine, by Lauren Weinstein; plus, new works from Matthew Thurber, Anya Davidson, Taylor McKimens and others.

Poseur Ink will have an exclusive pre-sale for the music-inspired anthology Side B.

Sparkplug Comic Books (tables 813-815) is set to debut: Windy Corner #3, edited by Austin English and featuring work by Lilli Carre, Sakura Maku, Frank Santoro, Gipi and others; and Rock That Never Sleeps, by Juliacks and Olga Volozova.

Top Shelf Productions will premiere: Far Arden, by Kevin Cannon; Welcome to Forest Island, by Bwana Spoons; and Second Thoughts, by Niklas Asker.

Trees and Hills Comics Group (table 510) will release First Harvest, a 150-page anthology by more than two dozen creators in Vermont, New Hampshire and western Massachusetts.

Jeremy Arambulo will premiere Let's Do This #4, a collection of previously published work.

Megan Baehr (table 646) will release Flashlight.

Marek Bennett (table 212) will debut Mimi's Doughnuts #18 and the Xeric Grant-winning Breakfast at Mimi's.

Box Brown (table 401) will premiere Unsyndicated Press, a collection of more than 80 Bellen strips that were destined for United Features until Ted Rall was fired from the syndicate.

Mark Burrier will have Show Off, a 16-page collection of drawings of "strange limbless people speaking to each other."

C.M. Butzer and Paul Hoppe will release "Rabid Rabbit's Kitty Kitty," the 10th issue of their Rabid Rabbit comic art anthology.

Nick Cacciola (table 305) will have Rocket Superb #1, with sketch cards and mystery freebies.

Nate Doyle will debut Crooked Teeth #4.

[caption id="attachment_11955" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption=""The Port" sketchbook"]


Scott Hepburn will have a 36-page sketchbook based on his webcomic The Port.

Editors Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert and Sean Ford (table 807) will release Sundays, Vol. 3, a minicomic anthology featuring contributions by Alex Kim, Annie Murphy, Blaise Larmee, Chuck Forsman, James Hindle, Joe Lambert, John Brodowski, Lydia Conklin, Melissa Mendez and Sean Ford.

Sara Antoinette Martin (table 305) will release her minicomic She Skull Skeleton Warrior #1.

Jonathan Rosenberg will exhibit with Dumbrella (tables 523-525), and will debut the Goats: Infinite Typewriters collection.

Kevin Scalzo will premiere Sweat Book, Vol. 2

Neil Swaab will debut Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles, Vol. 3.

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