A Fresh Face in the Crowd

I'm pleased to introduce you folks to a new contributor to Comics Should Be Good, my pal, Scott, who I first asked to do stuff on the blog quite awhile back, but only recently did his schedule open up to where he has the time to contribute. He currently maintains a neat blog called Seduction of the Indifferent.

Scott will be doing a weekly column every Tuesday called, as of right now, Scott's Classic Comics Corner, where he'll discuss, you guessed it - classic comics (up to and including the 80s, which is freakishly a long time ago - it's been, what, 28 years since New Teen Titans #1 came out?). If you've read Seduction of the Indifferent, it'll basically be like that.

He also, of course, can post whenever else he feels like it, but Tuesdays will be when you know you'll see him.

Scott is the first evil furiner that I believe we've had on the blog, as Scott hails from Toronto, so that will explain his terrible spelling choices like "colour" or "favourite."

His first column will be up next week, but I thought a neat idea would be to re-post a series Scott has been doing on CBR's Classic Comics Forum where he looks at underappreciated comic artists, so each day until next week, I'll be posting one of Scott's past columns and then next Tuesday, we'll see Scott's first all-new column.

Welcome, Scott!

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