A Fortnight Worth Of Comic Reviews: SDCC Edition

In that I went a Wednesday without comics because everybody who works at my LCS went to San Diego for the con. Not that I blame them, but I couldn't help but feel a little abandoned. But never mind my emotional baggage, I have two weeks worth of comics to redundantly review!

Amazing Spider-Man #600- Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. show why they're my dream Spider-Man creative team by knocking this one out of the park, including (despite?) the first Family Guy reference in ASM history,* which amused me despite being a pop culture ouroburos. (I guess that's a redundancy in FG's case; is there a thing for a snake eating its own tail twice?)

The copious bonus features include a Stan Lee written backup featuring Marcos Martin art, (so I think I have a new dream Spider-Man team), some great cover gags** (I wish Fraction's was real), and the return of the Spider Mobile. So, all it lacks is an appearance by Luchador Spider-Man Bryan Danileson to be my ideal giant sized Spider-Man comic. Maybe #700 will take care of that.

Captain Britain and MI-13 #15- As a late adopter of this series, I was pretty okay with it ending. Until I caught up on it via back issues on a slow week and found out that every arc has been as balls out awesomeas this one. So, now I'm kind of bummed out that it's going away. This final issue was pretty nice consolation, though, as it's a pretty nice collection of "fuck yeah!" moments. In fact, the Dave Campbells*** of the future will surely be scanning posts of this in blogs for years to come

Citizen Rex #1- I bought this because:

a)It sounded like an old school Love and Rockets story, from the days when Los Bros. Hernandez would do nominal genre stuff like "BEM" and Maggie and the Mechanics. As much as I appreciate their more serious, literary work, I'll be honest with you; I'd be totally happy to read volumes of that kind of work, too.

b)It was a minor miracle that this made it in to my shop.

So, yeah, this is exactly what I expected it to be; an odd but engaging story from the Hernandezes (in this case, Gilbert drawing from Mario's script). The fact that the main character says he "specializes in debunking rumors and urban legends" in his city, making him the Hernandez-verse's version of Cronin, is also pretty great.

Detective Comics #855 Masked Lesbian Vigilante Two-In-One #2- Not being a Lewis Carroll mark, I can't get excited about the villain. I do appreciate the Rucka's been doing this long enough that he anticipated the inevitable "we already have one of these!" reaction, though. Really, I was more in to the Question back up this time around, but both features are as good as you'd expect from Rucka, Williams III, and Hamner.

Dethkolk vs. the Goon One Shot- This was offensive, stupid, gratuitous, puerile, and pointless. It's also the funniest damn thing I've read all year. The weirdest part is, I bought this for the novelty; I'm only a casual fan of both of these properties. This comic hasn't really changed that, but it's still pretty awesome, right down to the reference to Marvel's Kiss comic.

Immortal Weapons #1- I was considering not buying this and just jumping off the franchise when Immortal Iron Fist ended. The fact that one of the throwaway lines in Jason Aaron's scripts mentions a technique called "The 92 Ways To Kill With Your Feet" makes me feel a great deal of shame over that, especially because it only gets better from there when Aaron busts out what may be the best montage in the history of the medium, which peaks with the greatest eating contest ever. And there's more that I don't want to spoil! Throw in a solid Iron Fist backup strip, and you've got a nice package here.

Incredible Hercules #131- Between Herc finally asking why all of Marvel's gods speak in Shakesperean dialogue, the usually awesome sound effects, and Pluto's hilarious fate, this was another excellent issue of Herc. And then they actually paid off the cover, so that was kind of a downer. Also not sure if I'm up for Kid Zeus. That said, the cover for next issue alone makes me pretty happy again.

Secret Warriors #6- The last couple issues haven't worked for me as well as the previous ones, but this one still had some great moments, from the usual Nick Fury badassery to the kids finally being useful (and the new guy totally pandering to Sims). And that was quite the last page reveal. Given the way Hickman has written him in Dark Reign: FF (which I forgot the last issue of at the shop in my joy of having a comic shop again), I'm actually looking forward to Norman Osborn showing up next month.

Wednesday Comics #1-4- My shop got me a special order for number one, so all is forgiven for their abandoning me for a week for the likes of Iron Man panels and Olivia Munn. Even the guy who reminds me of Toby Flenderson is okay in my book now.

Anyway, I'm going to do a whole separate post about them later on (since I have 1/3rd of the run now), but I'm really enjoying what I've read of the Deadman and Catwoman/Demon strips in addition to the stuff everyone seems to like (Pope's Adam Strange, Gibbons and Sook's Kamandi, Baker's Hawkman, Gaiman and Allred's Metamorpho). It's a shame that the weakest link in the whole package is being serialized in USA Today, though.

*As far as I know. There could have been whole issues of JMS's run that were nothing but Family Guy references and I would be blissfully ignorant. I mean, for all I know, Quagmire was a key player in "the Other".

**I refrained from saying I thought Loeb's was great, too, lest the comments sections explode. Glad I averted that.

***I imagine that the Dave Campbells of the future will all look just like Dave does there, but wear visors and carry ray guns. Also, going by that first picture I could pull from Google, they'll probably fight an army of Cyborg Chris Simses. These are the gang wars of the world that's coming, I think.

It's Batman Vs Zombies on Greg Capullo's Cover for #DCEASED #1

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