A-Force: 10 Most Powerful Members Of The All-Female Avengers Team

Marvel’s first all-female Avengers team emerged in 2015 during the ‘Secret Wars’ event. With a huge number of heroines living in a section of the Battleworld patchwork universe called Arcadia, some of Marvel’s mightiest women were forced to band together under the A-Force banner to protect their newfound home. Led by She-Hulk, a huge number of heroines from Marvel’s roster fought alongside the core team members.

While the super-team was short-lived, a significant moment in Avengers: Endgame has sparked some speculation about the future of female characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the possibility of an A-Force movie. With the world eager to see more of Marvel’s super-powered women working together, let’s take a look at the ten most powerful members of A-Force.

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10 Medusa

Queen of the Inhumans, Medusa received her powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist as a child. Her mutation allows her to control her 6-foot long hair, moving it in any way she pleases. It’s as strong as steel and highly resistant, which allows her to lift, crush, or bind objects. She has even managed to trap Spider-Man in her long locks, beating him at his own web-ensnaring game.

On top of her incredible hair, Medusa is a skilled diplomat and influential leader which makes her an asset to any team. Despite her Arcadia counterpart being killed in a battle against the Thors, she was a fundamental member of the reformed group on Earth-616.

9 Nico Minoru

Originally a member of the superhero group The Runaways, Nico Minoru (a.k.a. Sister Grimm) is the daughter of two dark wizards. Inheriting their magical abilities, Nico is a powerful sorcerer who casts spells with her magical Staff of One. She is able to harness blood magic, granting her the ability to conjure almost anything she requests so long as she is bleeding.

As a self-taught magic practitioner, her abilities can be a little unpredictable, especially as she battles against the dark feelings within her. The mandatory blood-loss and the uncertain outcome of Nico’s spells aside, she has almost unlimited power which she has discovered and nurtured on her own.

8 Singularity

One of Marvel’s newest heroes, Singularity was created in 2015 to join A-Force. Crashing to Arcadia with the strength and appearance of a meteorite, it quickly became clear that Singularity held great power. As a cosmic being, an entire pocket dimension exists within Singularity’s body! This allows her to absorb people into her, or to use her body as a protective shield, shrouding friends from harm and concealing them completely.

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While her connection to the cosmic grants her great telepathic, time traveling, and teleportation powers, her greatest strength is her loyalty to her fellow A-Force team members. She sacrificed herself to save Arcadia – and subsequently defeated an entire zombie army single-handedly – to ensure her newfound friends were safe.

7 Dazzler

The X-Men’s very own disco diva has shone since the 1980s, and Alison Blaire’s powers are fuelled by sound. Dazzler can turn sonic vibrations into – as her name suggests – dazzling light. This projected light can blind, stun, or even hypnotize opponents. It can be converted into laser beams or even powerful photon blasts, and she’s even been known to create holographic illusions. Dazzler doesn’t just put on a stunning light show, however. She can absorb sound energy as powerful as Black Bolt’s voice and release it again with devastating effect.

One of the most powerful X-Men, she was central to the A-Force team on both Arcadia and Earth-616. Perhaps even more impressive, Arcadian Alison came to possess the powers of Thor as well as her own. Had she not been poisoned by the Terrigen Mist upon her arrival on Earth, Dazzler Thor could have remained one of the strongest characters on Earth-616.

6 Loki

It’s unusual to see the God of Mischief serve alongside a group of heroes, but Loki will usually do whatever it takes to ensure their own needs are met. On Arcadia, Loki was the foster mother of Nico Minoru and America Chavez, and fought alongside A-Force. However, in true Loki fashion, it was a ruse for Loki to usurp control and become Baroness of Arcadia.

Despite her evil intentions, Loki was undoubtedly one of the strongest team members, combining traditional Asgardian attributes, such as strength and stamina, with her incredible sorcery abilities. Capable of flight, inter-dimensional teleportation, projecting energy blasts, and near unlimited metamorphosis, Loki holds incredible power. Combined with her cunning mind and expertise in manipulation and deception, she’s an excellent ally – or feared foe.

5 She-Hulk

Leader of A-Force, Jennifer Walters is powerful in many ways. There’s her staggering physical strength which increases with rage, like her cousin Bruce Banner. Her might has allowed her to stand against some of the universe’s most powerful inhabitants, even letting Hercules beat her in an arm-wrestling match. Trained in combat by the likes of Captain America and Gamora, she’s an unstoppable fighter. She is also fiercely intelligent, proven by her career as an attorney.

But her personality is perhaps her strongest weapon. Even in She-Hulk form, Jennifer has more control over her mean, green counterpart than her cousin does and uses her level-headedness to her advantage when confronting evil. It makes her a fearless, self-confident leader, and the most suitable candidate to lead Marvel’s mighty women into battle.

4 Spectrum

Monica Rambeau’s powers are near limitless. The second hero to hold the Captain Marvel title, her superhero name has changed regularly over the years, but her powers are unwavering. She is pure energy. Able to absorb almost any energy form imaginable, from gamma rays to ultraviolet light to radio waves, Spectrum can remain in her energy form for hours and skip between energy sources in seconds. It allows her to fly at incredible speed, turn herself invisible, and has effectively rendered her immortal.

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Her connection to energy has granted her hyper-cosmic awareness, allowing her to sense danger as it approaches, and has improved her already astounding photographic memory. If she remains in her energy form for too long, it does weaken her human form, but it’s her only real Achilles heel, not only making her a spectacular ally for A-Force, but one of Marvel’s most powerful characters.

3 Phoenix

Jean Grey was an incredibly powerful mutant before she connected with the Phoenix Force, demonstrating powerful telepathic abilities. Drawn to Jean’s empathy, the Phoenix Force (a cosmic entity of limitless power) melded with the young mutant and enhanced her powers, making her a more capable telepath than Charles Xavier himself.

The extent of Phoenix’s true power is near indescribable. She can create protective shields, surround herself and friends with cloaks or camouflage, and manipulate the minds of opponents. Capable of astral projection, she can appear before others while being in an entirely different location. On top of meddling with people’s minds, she is a skilled fighter, able to project explosive blasts.

2 Captain Marvel

There’s a reason Captain Marvel holds the mantle of “Earth’s Mightiest Hero.” Not only has she saved the planet countless times near single-handedly, but she’s protected the entire galaxy from devastating threats as well. An Air Force pilot and Nasa security guard turned superhuman, Carol Danvers has near unlimited powers that allow her to thrive. Able to fly faster than the speed of sound, Captain Marvel can venture into deep space at remarkable speeds, responding to any trouble she senses thanks to her cosmic awareness quickly.

Her Binary powers grant her the ability to obtain power from a white hole and use any type of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. Projecting ultra-powerful photon blasts from her fists, she’s near unstoppable. And she isn’t afraid to make the difficult decisions, either, always standing up for what she believes is right.

1 Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is possibly the most powerful sorcerer in the entire Marvel Universe. Her abilities are almost limitless, and some believe we haven’t even seen the full extent of her powers. Despite being born with cosmic powers, she was also blessed by the elder demon, Chthon – who planned to use Wanda as a vessel when the time was right – which allows her to channel Chaos Magic. Conjuring hex bolts and creating illusions is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extent of her abilities. She is even capable of changing reality.

Scarlet Witch is so powerful, she’s feared by Ultron and has defeated the demon Dormammu in his own Dark Dimension. She’s also believed to be a Nexus Being, meaning there is only one Wanda in all of the Marvel realities, which makes her a foundation to the Multiverse, woven into the very fabric of the Marvel Universe's existence.

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