A Final Look at the Membership Opportunities at the CBLDF!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a neat organization that helps protect the First Amendment rights of the world of comic books.

I'm a member, and I've detailed the first few levels of membership in organization both here and here.

Today we'll take a look at the top levels of membership, and all the awesome stuff you get for being a member at these levels!

For $500, you can become a Defender, in which case you get all the previous stuff I talked about (tote bag, hand-drawn membership card by a famous comic book artist, some buttons) but also a limited edition print by the one, the only Paul freakin' Pope!

Here's Pope discussing the print...

Here's the print itself (done of "The Tree of Liberty")...

For $1,000, you can become a Champion, where you get everything else (including the print) plus also a special "Thank you" sketch from either Pope or Jeff Smith (depending on your preference).

So go check out ALL the membership levels here, and join at whatever level you can afford (if you want to join, of course)!

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