A Few Reminders/Notes...

1. Get on Twitter and tweet your suggestions for a Marvel/Disney mash-up! Enough of you have written in that there's a good selection for our artists to pick from, but more would be nice! Just tweet your suggestions to @csbg! We've received about 14 suggestions so far - I'd prefer to see that get into the 20s. EDIT: Okay, I've mailed the suggestions to the artists! Thanks, folks! You got into the mid-30s!!

2. Be sure to vote for your choices for the most memorable moments in DC Comics history! Click here for the poll. The deadline is August 8th at 11:59pm!

3. I meant to mention this awhile ago - did you know that we now have handy dandy "sharing" technology for all of our posts? Click on the "Share This" part under "leave a comment" and you can share our posts on your Facebook page, on digg, on del.icio.us, on stumbeupon, or on fark! We'd certainly appreciate you spreading the word if you like a particular post!

4. Remember, next Thursday I'm putting up a gallery of "dream inter-company crossovers" for any artist who wants to participate - whether you applied for the weekly sketch thing or not! Just get your sketches to me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com by next Thursday at 3pm!

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