A Few Quick Thoughts About A Few New Releases I Liked This Week

I'm still making my way through this week's books, but I thought this might make a good idea for a bit - some quick thoughts about a few new releases that I liked that I might never get around to doing full reviews of...

There may be some spoilers ahead! BE FOREWARNED!

SIEGE #2 - I thought that this was a big improvement over #1. This read more like a four-issue series. Coipel's artwork was magnificent. Besides an excellent fight sequence between Ares and Sentry (here's the big spoiler coming - I'll tell when I'm going to spoil the book in each separate installment, so feel free to skip to the next book at this point), Coipel drew the scene where Sentry tears Ares in half beautifully. It was graphic while somehow not seeming overly gross (and the way he handled everyone's reactions to it - priceless. Coipel is amazing).

I was surprised, though, to see so few heroes joining up with Captain America. No Fantastic Four? No Mighty Avengers? I get that Bendis has no personal involvement in those books, but it still seemed odd leaving them out (not to mention more obscure characters who also would have made perfect sense, like Justice and Tigra's Avengers resistance group - wouldn't this be exactly the point of what Slott and Gage were doing with those characters for a dozen or so issues now?).

Still, this issue was a lot better than #1, which itself wasn't BAD or anything, just not what you expected to see from a four-issue series.

The back-matter was also very cool.

So I'd recommend Siege #2.

DEMO VOL. 2 #1 - I thought that the latest volume of Demo opened with a story that was a bit more slight than a typical story in the first volume, but I still think it was good.

First off, Becky Cloonan's art was awesome, as usual. The amount of detail she put into the scenes at St. Paul's Cathedral was stunning.

As for the main plot, I think Brian Wood handled the reaction of a woman dealing with sudden precognitive abilities well. You could really feel how maddening suddenly seeing the future could be. And not only that, but seeing the future here is not as simple as what you would expect - the book has a very Twlight Zone-esque ending. I'd like to discuss it in greater detail, but here I think the twist is too important to spoil.

Still, while perhaps Wood did not give as MUCH character work as he did in previous Demo stories, he still did some strong work with the personality of his lead character (Demo, by the way, is about people dealing with gaining supernatural/superhuman/whatever abilities - a different, unrelated person each issue. However, these abilities don't make them superheroes - they're sometimes more of a curse than anything), and Cloonan's art was great.

So recommended.

MILESTONE FOREVER #1 - Another book with tremendous artwork, as Dwayne McDuffie has the John Paul Leon and MD Bright on art duties, in this two-part prestige format book that resolves the plots left open from the ending of the Milestone comic line over a decade ago.

McDuffie does a tremendous job working in a TON of characters and still giving almost all of them a chance to shine, while still hitting all the plot points he needs to hit. It's a dreadfully difficult thing to pull off, and I think he did it well.

Plus, we got to see Dogg again! Woohoo!

I don't know if I'd recommend it if you never read the Milestone comic line, but if you did, this is a very nice (and satisfying) conclusion to that line of books.

GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #6 - Jason Aaron gives the Ghost Rider franchise a nice rest (until someone else picks it up eventually) and leaves an interesting status quo for the characters that should make them very accessible for anyone who wants them to guest star in their comic until they get their own book again.

Roland Boschi does a great job drawing some incredibly wacky ideas that Aaron came up with for this story - including one tremendous double-page spread of pure awesomeness.


SMILE OGN - I already talked about this one in Wednesday's A Year of Cool Comics, but I'll say it again - Raina Telgemeier's new book about her middle school through high school years was brilliant. And it has one of the more clever usages of foil on a book cover that you'll see!

Highly Recommended.

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