A few quick notes about the site

I wanted to share a few quick notes about Robot 6, some of which are kinda overdue ...

  • First up, a HUGE welcome back to Graeme McMillan, who rejoined our merry band last week with the debut of his new column, The Middle Ground. Graeme used to blog with us when we were at Newsarama, and we're excited to have him back.
  • I should also mention that both Graeme and Kevin Melrose are also blogging regularly at our new sister blog, Spinoff Online. The two of them, along with regular CBR contributors Josh Wigler and Jeffrey Renaud, are posting over there about movies, Dr. Who, Lost and other stuff along those lines. So go check it out.
  • And congrats to Matt Maxwell, who wrapped up the online serialization of Strangeways: The Thirsty earlier this month. Although the regular comic has ended, you'll still see Matt pop up every once in awhile with news about the print release and in our weekly What are you reading? feature.
  • And finally, we recently took a look at our comments guidelines and made some updates based on some recent issues that have popped up. Take a look at them if you have any questions about why a comment was deleted.

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