A Few Examples of Awful Drawings

Here are a few awful drawings that offend me greatly!

Total crap.

What the heck, is Superman's logo GLOWING?

Total crap.

Also crap.

If the Invisible Woman is invisible, how come we can SEE her?

Total crap.

Yet more crap.

What the heck is half of Spider-Man's mask doing on his face?!?

Ridiculous - if Peter fought Flash like that, everyone would know he was Spider-Man! Absurd!!

Definitely crap.

The other 43 presidents didn't all have white hair!

What garbage!

Obama is not even the exact correct shade of "black"!

These drawings are awful and offend me greatly!

Captain America The First Avenger Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter's Husband in Captain America: Winter Soldier Was Steve Rogers

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