A family's legacy of horror continues in 'The Devil's Footprints' this march

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A young man's search into his father's dark past unleashes horror beyond his imagination in TheDevil's Footprints, one of the premiere titles in Dark Horse's 2003 horror line.

In a small New England town, the family of a deceased sorcerer suffers under mysterious illnesses.Brandon Waite, the late sorcerer's youngest son, is determined to find out the source of his family'storment. Brandon is certain his father's deeds have led to a curse being placed on his family andsets out to find out who has done this and why. Delving into black magic, Brandon's search yieldsa clue, a burning slip of paper with the word "Father" scrawled in an inhuman hand! Events takea turn for the worse with his brother's wife's pregnancy when the child she had been carryingvanishes from her womb! This ill omen leads Brandon on a journey into darkness where he mustface a legacy that will threaten his very soul.

"With The Devil's Footprints, I think we've taken a pretty classic and intelligent approach to horror,where you deal more with people's emotions than their viscera, and balanced it with the sort offun, exciting stuff that works best in comics," commented series writer Scott Allie. "We've gotheartbreak, trauma, darkness, and demons in pretty equal doses."

"…Allie, Lee, Horton, and company are producing a sharp-looking new series that should beremembered for some time to come. Fans of horror comics like Hellboy should make sure to checkthis out!" -Greg McElhatton, reviewer on icomics.com.

The Devil's Footprints is written by Scott Allie (Star Wars: Empire) with art by Brian Horton andPaul Lee (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). It arrives mysteriously in comics shops March 5 with a retailprice of $2.99.

[Ed. Note - For more on 'The Devil's Footprints,' read CBR's interview with writer Scott Allie.]

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