'A Distant Soil #1' available online

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 22 April, 2002 -- With the success of her collaboration with Warren Ellis on Vertigo's Orbiter graphic novel nipping at her heels, Colleen Doran returns to Image in July with the latest chapter of her critically acclaimed science fiction epic, A DISTANT SOIL. Doran has specifically designed A DISTANT SOIL #36 as a jumping-on point for new readers, kicking the story off with a special overview of what's happened in the series up to this point, but for readers looking for some advance insight into the long-running series, Image Comics is inviting readers to check it out for free at www.imagecomics.com.

Described by Hugo Award winning SF author Joan Vinge as "an unforgettable journey...a work of art," A DISTANT SOIL has earned acclaim both for its intricately woven storyline and Doran's lushly detailed artwork, which will also be showcased later this year in The Complete Tolkein Sourcebook and DC's new fantasy series Reign of the Zodiac.

A DISTANT SOIL #1 is the latest title to be made available online at www.imagecomics.com, joining POWERS, PvP, JACK STAFF, AGE OF BRONZE, GRRL SCOUTS, THE CLOCKMAKER, HAMMER OF THE GODS, PARADIGM, NOBLE CAUSES, SUPERPATRIOT: AMERICA'S FIGHTING FORCE, TECH JACKET and INVINCIBLE as part of the site's growing online comics section. Image's Website also offers five-page previews of upcoming comics.

A DISTANT SOIL #36 will be available for order in the May issue of Previews and will be in stores this July.

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