A couple of quick notes ...

  • First off, a bit of sad news for us here at Robot 6 ... Melissa Krause, who does her Your Mileage May Vary column on Saturdays, is leaving us. Melissa is currently in her last semester at law school, where things are getting hectic, and something had to give. We wish her the best as she wraps up that chapter in her life and hope that once she's done she'll be able to return.
  • Second, you may have noticed there were no Unbound or Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs columns this week. Or, at least, so far this week ... both Brigid Alverson and Michael May's columns are moving to the weekends. Look for Brigid's today and Michael's tomorrow morning.
  • And last, we want to send our best wishes to Tom Bondurant and his family this week, who left town unexpectedly earlier this week due to a family illness. Tom and Grumpy Old Fan will no doubt be back next week.

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