A Cool Character Marvel Should Use

An inside joke amongst Marvel fans is that it seems, whenever a superhero needs a defense attorney, it is Matt Murdock - no matter what.

That's why today I'd like to highlight a character who I think should be used more - Emerson Bale!

Emerson Bale, created by Tony Isabella and Don Heck, first showed up in the pages of the Champions when he assisted his client, Warren Worthington III, with his inheritance.

He helped them out a few times, but after they broke up, he was next seen arguing for the Avengers to help them keep their United States security clearance when Henry Gyrich tried to keep, and argue he did!

And ultimately, his arguing (along with a fortituitous crisis) saved the day, and the Avengers kept their security clearance.

He later showed up defending Brian DeWolff, and succeeding!

He even showed himself to be a man of good conscience when he determined that Nitro wasn't insane, he was just a sadist, and as such, Bale couldn't defend him on insanity grounds, so recused himself as Nitro's attorney (imagine if he HAD defended him and then he saw what happened at Stamford?!).

And that's the last we've seen of Emerson Bale.

And that needs to be fixed, Marvel!

Superhero defense attornies are quite the rarity - why go to Matt Murdock over and over when you have Emerson Bale out there?

Thanks to the Unofficial Index to the Marvel Universe and "The Beetle" for their excellent research and scans.

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