A Comic Spot aims to put comics truck on L.A. streets

It was only a month ago that ROBOT 6 contributor Corey Blake was imagining the possibilities for a comics truck in Los Angeles -- y'know, like a bookmobile, only for comics -- and now, almost as if by magic, a Kickstarter campaign has launched for that very thing.

Well, not that very thing, as A Comic Spot is more like a pop-up comic store than a traditional bookmobile, with tables and chairs designed to create "an outdoor meeting space [...] allowing people to connect and share in an engaging dialogue."

The brainchild of the enthusiastic 18-year-old Antonio Monge and his mother Paula, A Comic Spot will hold "meet-up events around what our customers and community want, bringing fun experiences like trivia, game nights, and karaoke. We will also host learning opportunities like designing and creating cosplay costumes. Between our online forum and our social media sites and getting out in the LA community, we can keep our pulse on what fans want and let that guide what we provide."

They're seeking $6,500 for a down payment and wrap for the cargo van, foldable furniture a various start-up materials, including licensing, inventory and software. Watch the video below for more details. The campaign ends May 20.

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