A call for help for Seth Kushner

Photographer and comics writer Seth Kushner was recently, and quite suddenly, diagnosed with leukemia -- as Hannah Means Shannon relates, he went from seemingly healthy to having the flu to hospitalization, all within two weeks -- and now requires a bone marrow transplant.

A celebrated portrait photographer, Kushner is well known in comics circles for his collaboration with writer Christopher Irving on Graphic NYC and on the book Leaping Tall Bounds: The Origins of American Comics. A member of Brooklyn's Hang Dai Studio, he's also created numerous photocomix, and collaborated with numerous artists on the webcomic Schmuck, whose print collection was successfully funded last month on Kickstarter.

Kushner's wife Terra has now issued a call for people to register in the National Marrow Donor Program, the nonprofit organization that maintains the national donor registry. You can read her full message below:

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