A call for a Women in Comics Award

Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass came up with an interesting idea in light of the demise of Friends of Lulu and its annual Lulu Awards for female comics creators. She points out the variety of categories the Lulus celebrated as well as the Hall of Fame, but specifically misses the Kim Yale New Talent Award, named in honor of the late writer whose many accomplishments include, with husband John Ostrander, developing Barbara Gordon into Oracle.

"I hate to see an award that honors and remembers a vital creator like Kim Yale no longer exist," Sue wrote. "While one can debate whether there is still the need for an organization like Friends of Lulu, recognizing and encouraging new female creators -- especially in light of the discourse that’s gone on in this market this past year -- is, I believe, still very important."

She doesn't have any concrete ideas yet, but suggests that "the most expedient way is probably for one of the larger comics sites to step up and take it on," because, "for the award to exist it will also require the support and involvement of organizations far larger and influential than mine. It needs creator and publisher support, publicity and access to a database of industry participants. It could be hosted separately by one of the comics sites or it could be folded into an existing set of awards such as the Eisners. Or it could simply be open to voting by the comic community. As long as it is supported and treated with respect, I don’t think it matters."

A couple of prominent women who write about comics, Heidi MacDonald and Kelly Thompson, offer support in the comments, as does Jill Pantozzi at The Mary Sue. And while I don't speak for Comic Book Resources or even Robot 6, reviving the Kim Yale New Female Talent Award in some form is something I'd love to see happen, too. Consider this another attempt to spread the word. If enough people do, maybe something will come of this.

Kim Yale photo found at Ladies Making Comics.

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