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A Blast of ASP Reviews: The Engineer

by  in Comic News Comment
A Blast of ASP Reviews: The Engineer

Archaia Studios Press released three new books this week, so I figured I’d do reviews on them, as well as a preview copy of the first issue of Robotika Vol. 2 #1.

The Engineer is a fun new series from ASP by artist/co-writer Brian Churilla and colorist/co-writer Jeremy Shepherd that combines excellent artwork with a light action-packed story.

One thing that is fairly typical for ASP comics is that the artwork is going to be good, and Churilla is no exception. His work reminds me of a more cartoon-y Mike Mignola, and the effect is really quite nice.

The basic concept of the series is quite simple (really, one of the most popular concepts in serialized fiction) – 13 ghosts escape, and the gang has to track them down and get them back into the chest they escaped from – oh wait, that’s the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo – my bad. This concept is that a powerful device called “The Konstrukt” is the only thing that can stop some big cosmic bad guy, but eons ago, it was burst into a bazillion components, so the GI Joe squad has to split into three squads and get to the components before Cobra does – no, wait, that’s The Revenge of Cobra – my bad.

Seriously, the device is burst into a bunch of components that are spread out over different planets, heck different UNIVERSES, and the Engineer is the guy chosen to capture each of the components and put the Konstrukt back together.

And, as you might imagine – things don’t always go so well (especially as entire civilizations have been based around the power of the various components)…

Isn’t that art great? The coloring from Shepherd is top notch, as well.

I think I am now leaning more towards Eric Powell than Mike Mignola for the influence, but either way, great company for Churilla to be in.

In the issue, we’re introduced to these three specters who boss the Engineer around, we get a glimpse of the Engineer’s past (which he is promised to get to return to if he does what the Specters want) and we meet the Engineer’s bizarre assistant.

How the Engineer accesses different worlds is a truly inspired visual delight by Churilla.

So yeah, not the most original concept in the world, but a whole lot of fun, with great artwork.


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