A 'Black Cat' crosses Kevin Smith's path

So you loved Kevin Smith's run on Marvel's "Daredevil" and are currently enjoying his work on DC Comics' "Green Arrow." But that's not enough. You need more Kevin Smith. Those in attendance at the Marvel Comics Press Conference this past weekend at Comic-Con International in San Diego learned that Kevin will be taking on another Marvel character shortly, The Black Cat.

For some the idea of Kevin Smith writing the title of a second-tier character is a bit surprising. Putting Smith on a higher profile title might seem more obvious, but it doesn't necessarily mean it would be the right choice.

"It would serve Marvel best to have creators working on the projects that make them happy," Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada told CBR News on Friday. "Kevin gets jazzed about the Cat and that just jazzes us! When you find a creator who's excited about a particular character you end up getting some wonderful work that usually redefines the make-up of the character."

Smith considered working with other Marvel characters before settling on Black Cat, namely Doctor Strange, but the Cat appealed to him the most. Why? "Because she was obscure," said Smith, "and because I wanted to write a book with a female protagonist. People are expecting this to be a T&A book. They're in for a surprise.

"[The Black Cat's] a Marvel character with great history, which will make the stories I'll eventually tell with whoever the artist is not only socially relevant, but also deeply mired in Marvel Universe continuity. And that's part of the appeal of working with established characters: the continuity. Creating new characters may be fun for some in comics, but my comics passion is writing for characters who've been around for a while."

At press time an artist hasn't been chosen for the title. Axel Alonso will be editing the title, and Joe Quesada has some thoughts on who he'd like to handle the art chores, most likely an established artist, but the choice hasn't been made yet.

At the previously mentioned Marvel Press Conference Quesada credited Smith with launching the new Marvel. While Smith found the comment flattering, he doesn't totally agree with that statement. "...if anyone's launched the new Marvel, it's Joe himself. He's the deejay; I'm just the rapper," said Smith.

Which other Marvel characters might we be seeing in the new Black Cat? "Not sure," said Smith. "But I know Spider-Man will show up. The Punisher too. Maybe some mutants, and perhaps an optically challenged lawyer."

Jonah Weiland contributed to this story.

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