A Bit Disappointing...

to see that while Marvel was able to fit a full page memorial to the late Steve Gerber in the back of LAST week's Omega the Unknown, DC still hasn't acknowledged his death in their book, including this week's Countdown to Mystery, which included a story written by Gerber, and yet the book contains no notice that Gerber has passed on.

I understand it is a pain to get these things prepared, and I'm sure DC eventually will do something to commemorate Gerber's passing (the way they plan to deal with the last issue of his run sounds extremely classy and well done to me), but it was still a bit disappointing to read this week's Countdown to Mystery and not see his death mentioned at all.


Edited to Add: Terribly sorry, I was way unclear - I just meant that there was no notice in the book Gerber actually wrote for DC. I am sorry if it looked like I was accusing them of completely ignoring his death (and that's totally what it reads like)! My apologies! I'll omit the confusing part - sorry, DC!

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