A Better Look At Eric Marstolf As <i>Smallville's</i> Booster Gold

After months of build-up, the official first look earlier this week at Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from Smallville may have been a little disappointing, if only because the photo was so small -- postage stamp-sized! -- and shadowy.

Luckily for fans of DC Comics' corporate-sponsored superhero, The Daily Blam! has a couple of significantly better, if less official, photos of actor Eric Marstolf in his logo-covered blue-and-gold outfit.  It's pretty good, certainly one of the better interpretations by Smallville over the past 10 seasons. The jury will have to remain out on Blue Beetle, however, because there aren't yet any additional photos of a costume-clad Jaren Brandt Bartlett floating around.

The duo will debut in the April 22 episode, called "Booster," written by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. It will also feature Sebastian Spence as Ted Kord.

"The episode takes place in Booster's very early stages where he's at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants," Johns told TV Guide. "He's gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts."

To see another photo of Marstolf in costume, visit The Daily Blam!

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